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NOTE: Reservations must be made at least Four days prior to arrival. All reservations are for one room, one night only.


1. What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel a reservation with a full refund or no charge to your credit card so long as you cancel the reservation through this web site not later than 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time one day prior to your arrival. Do not attempt to cancel your reservation through the hotel or by calling our phone number and leaving a message. In either of these cases your card will still be charged. If you experience any difficulties making or canceling a reservation, you should send us an email immediately or call our phone and leave a message. All cancellations made after 12 Noon Eastern Standard time one day prior to the arrival date will be charged the full amount with no exceptions.

2. When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged/processed immediately.

3. Will I get confirmation numbers for my reservation and or cancellation?

Yes, you will receive an instant acknowledgement of your reservaton from Trinity Reservations immediately after you place a reservation or cancel a reservation. We will then follow up by emailing you a confirmation number from the hotel with in 48 hours of placing your reservation or cancellation.

4. I called the hotel and they do not show my reservation for the arrival date that I placed on line. Why?

This is probably due to one of two issues. Most likely you have called the hotel and asked for reservations. The hotel will almost always transfer you to their central reservations center located someplace far, far away. They will not know about our contract with this specific hotel so they may still show your reservations but will not know that it includes parking etc. It is always best to call the hotel directly and ask for the front desk. They can confirm your reservation by name or confirmation number. The other reason this might happen is that you have called the hotel prior to receiving our confirmation email. Remember your booking ID is not the confirmation number from the hotel.

5. How do I set up shuttle time to get to the airport and back to the hotel when I return?

Most hotels have either a log book for you to sign and post your shuttle time needs or the hotel has scheduled shuttle service operating every half hour or hour. It is always a good idea to bring the phone number of the hotel with you in case you need to call for a shuttle pick on upon your return. In most cases the airport will have a designated area for hotel shuttle van pick up. Please check with either the hotel or the airport customer service to locate this shuttle area.

6. Can I make a reservation with parking prior to my stay? If so, how is this done?

Yes you can do this through our site. Simply make your reservation for the night of your overnight stay. Our reservation form will ask you for the start date of your parking. This will alert the hotel that you will be parking prior to your over night stay.

7. What do I need to bring with me to the hotel to show that I have a reservation through Trinity?

Simply bring a copy of your reservation, or just your confirmation number will also be fine. The hotel can even pull up your reservation by the name you put on your reservation form. The hotel knows to bill us for your stay so you will only be asked for a credit card to cover any incidental charges such as telephone calls, movies, room service etc.

8. What if I show up to the hotel late or after midnight? Will my reservation still be held?

Yes our reservations are guaranteed for late arrival. This is also why the hotel will charge us if you do not show up for your reservation. So if you need to cancel your reservation you need to do so by 12 Noon EST the day prior to your arrival date.

9. Why do some companies include tax and yours does not?

The recently passed Congressional Bill S.743 Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 requires Internet retailers to collect sales and use taxes on every purchase unless they qualify for the small-seller exception. We fall under this exception as we do not exceed one million in annual gross sales. We will make it clear when taxes are required in our hotel prices and again on our reservation form. We encourage you to read the summary of this bill by following this link.