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NOTE: Reservations must be made at least Four days prior to arrival. All reservations are for one room, one night only.


Trinity Reservations provides airport and cruise port hotels packaged with long term parking and free airport/cruise port shuttle.

Our convenient Park, Stay & Fly and Cruise packages take the stress out of travel!

Compare our all-inclusive rates with our competitors! Unlike them, we have no hidden fees.

Get convenience and peace of mind at one affordable price!

Trinity Reservations is dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest value of hotel product and services in the Park Stay & Fly and Park & Cruise industries through its significant buying power from it's associated companies.

We look forward to working with you today!


One deluxe over night stay

Brightly Colored Hotel Room

Free Airport or Cruise Port Shuttle

Black Colored Limo Truck Underneath Golden Gate Bridge

Free Long Term Parking


What's new this week of  December 11th,  2017

We have extended our 2017 rates for all of 2018 with the Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Place! Rates include 14 days of free parking and roundtrip airport shuttle from 4:45am to 11:45pm. Oh, they also include free breakfast!!!


This weeks customer question for the week of December 11th is from Tina

I was first recommended to you by a friend but forgot your company name. i thought I would find you on some of the big hotel booking sites but no luck. Why is it so hard to find you on the web?

Hi Tina and thank you for your message. I'm sorry you had a hard time finding us but so glad that you did find us!

Those large hotel booking sites that suggest that if you use them you will see everyones hotels rates on their site is not true. It costs money to be listed on those web sites and guess who ends up paying for that advertising... you do! We prefer that people find us by word of mouth through blog sites and social media and yes on the 2nd or 3rd page of your web browser. This allowes us to keep costs down so that you get the very best value from us.

Thanks for your message Tina!